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Below you can get access to all the recent transcripts used during sermon messages.



Who Voted For Them? - Transcript (423.7KB) 18/10/2016, Dougie Simpson
He Holds The Future - Transcript (221.7KB) 10/10/2016, Andy Jack
O Lord Hear My Prayer - Transcript (307.9KB) 06/10/2016, Jeremy McQuoid
The Beast, The Antichrist and the End of The World - Transcript (223.4KB) 06/10/2016, Jeremy McQuoid
What On Earth Is The Church Signposting To? - Transcript (405.1KB) 06/10/2016, John Merson
What On Earth Is A Healthy Church? pt 1 - Transcript (223.8KB) 06/10/2016, Jeremy McQuoid
What On Earth Is A Healthy Church? - Transcript (350.1KB) 06/10/2016, Andy Jack
What On Earth Is The Church? - Transcript (221.1KB) 06/10/2016, Jeremy McQuoid
When The Bad Guys Seem To Win! - Transcript (269.8KB) 06/10/2016, Andy Jack
Led By The True Guide - Transcript (313.7KB) 11/08/2016, Andy Jack
Dwelling in Holiness - Transcript (225.9KB) 08/08/2016, Andy Jack
How Long O Lord - Transcript (381.6KB) 08/08/2016, Andy Jack
Shaken But Shielded - Transcript (281.7KB) 08/08/2016, Jeremy McQuoid
The Making of a Man of God - Transcript (216.1KB) 26/06/2016, Jeremy McQuoid
Atonement Theories in Church History (81.8KB) 13/06/2016, Jeremy McQuoid
The Road To Redemption - Transcript (223.5KB) 13/06/2016, Jeremy McQuoid
In The Lions Den - Transcript (53.1KB) 09/06/2016, Jeremy McQuoid
Wake Up - Transcript (274.8KB) 22/05/2016, Jeremy McQuoid
Resistance Thinking - Transcript (338.9KB) 09/05/2016, John Merson
Dreams Can Come True - Transcript (278.0KB) 01/05/2016, Jeremy McQuoid